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Architecture of Ancient Observatory

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Ancient Observatory covers an area of about 10,000 square meters. It consists of a ten-meter high brick Watching Star Platform and some buildings, which are under the platform. Eight huge bronze astronomical instruments are displayed on the platform. Some of them can still be used to do the measurement work now. These eight huge instruments have the Chinese traditional features in their decorations and appearances but reflect the European accomplishments in their scales and structures.

Ancient ObservatoryOn the platform, which is 18 meters high, 24 meters long and 20 meters wide, three huge bronze instruments of the Ming Dynasty were initially displayed. They are made according to some Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368)'s instruments. In the Qing Dynasty, they were moved to be under the platform as eight huge instruments were displayed on the Platform.

In second exhibition room inside the platform, it displays the China Ancient Astronomical Achievement Exhibition. Four exhibition rooms are set in the quad under the platform: The Ziwei Palace and East Wing-room exhibited the "Lingtai Equipment", which introduces the site of Lingtai, the reform of existing ancient observatory and the production of astronomical equipment and etc; while the exhibition in the West Wing-room will enlighten you the abundant calendars and important calendar reforms in China; the Shadow Observation House is the place that the astronomers in Ming and Qing Dynasty used to ascertain the time and conduct sun shadow measure.

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