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Chongqing Tour

Ciqikou Anciteng Town of ChongqingChongqing is located at the edge of Yungui Plateau, and is the confluence of Jialing River and Yangtze River.

The natural scenery mingled with cultural landscape
in this mountain city. Many foreigners will visit the city for one or two days before Yangtze River cruise.

Chongqing Tour Type
Chongqing tours arranged by Chinatravelkey include Private Chongqing Tour, Private One Day Chongqing Tour and Chongqing Transfer Service.

Chongqing Tour Routes Arranged by Chinatravelkey Team
Private Chongqing Tour
CQ-PH-01. Chongqing two days tour
CQ-PH-02. 3 days tour of Chongqing Dazu Chongqing
CQ-PH-03. Chongqing 7 Days Tour including Chongqing City, Dazu Grotto and Wulong Karst
CQ-PH-04. Chongqing 7 Days Tour including Chongqing City, Dazu Grotto, Wulong Karst and Diaoyu Castle
CQ-PH-05. Chongqing 4 Days City Discover Tour

Chongqing City One Day Tour
CQ-PO-01. Chongqing one day tour including airport transfer
CQ-PO-02. Half day tour of Chongqing Zoo and General Stiwell Museum
CQ-PO-03. Half day Chongqing city tour of Erling Park
CQ-PO-04. One day tour of Great Hall of People, Chongqing Zoo, General Stewell Museum and Erling Park
CQ-PO-10. Chongqing One Day City Tour to Stiwell Museum, Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum and Ciyun Temple
CQ-PO-11. Chongqing One Day City Tour to Ciqikou Ancient Town,  China Three Gorges Museum,  Great Hall of the People,  Erling Park

Chongqing Dazu One Day Tour fromchongqing-tour-testimonial
CQ-PO-05. One day tour of Dazu (Baodingshan Grotto) from Chongqing 
CQ-PO-06. One day tour of Dazu (Beishan Grotto) from Chongqing 

Chongqing Wulong One Day Tour from :
CQ-PO-07. Natural Three Biridge one day tour
CQ-PO-08. Furong Cave one day tour
CQ-PO-09. Longshuixia Cave one day tour

Chongqing Surberb
CQ-PO-12. Diaoyu Castle,  Laitan Ancient Town
CQ-PO-13. Jindao Gorge and Pianyan Ancient Town
CQ-PO-14. Taibaiyan Park One Day Tour
CQ-PO-15. Shibaozhai One Day Tour
CQ-PO-16. Qinglongpu One Day Tour
CQ-PO-17. Dianyi Cave, Zhouyi Park and Baiheliang Museum
CQ-PO-18. Xiaonanhai Scenic Area
CQ-PO-19. Mt.Wuling One Day Tour
CQ-PO-20. Gongtan Ancient Town One Day Tour
CQ-PO-21. Xiandu Karst Cave One Day Tour
CQ-PO-22. Wansheng Stone Forest One Day Tour
CQ-PO-23. Mt.Jinfuoshan One Day Tour
CQ-PO-24. Mt.Jinyun and North Hotspring
CQ-PO-25. Shuangguitang Temple,Baili Bamboo Sea Scenic Area
CQ-PO-26. Tianzi City One Day Tour
CQ-PO-27. Mt. Emei One Day Tour
CQ-PO-28. Leshan Giant Buddha One Day Tour
CQ-PO-29. Temple of Zhangfei One Day Tour
CQ-PO-30. Fengjie Two Day Tour

Chongqing Transfer Service
CQ-PT-01. Transfer service of Chongqing airport to hotel
CQ-PT-02. Transfer service of Chongqing railway station to hotel
CQ-PT-03. Transfer service of Chongqing port to hotel
CQ-PT-04. Transfer service to cruise ship

Chongqing Tour Testimonial
- What travelers speak after Chongqing tour with Chinatravelkey team:
We would like to Thanks for the arrangement. Everythings was in order and there were no problems.
See you next tme.

Places to Start Hangzhou Tour
Our guide and vehicle can meet you from form hotel in Chongqing, apartment, Chongqing Airport, Railway Station and Cruise ship on Yangze River.

Best Season of Chongqing Tour
The best time to visit Chongqing is March to June and September to November every year. Scenery and weather will be the best during these periods in a year, since summer would be so hot and winter will be cold.
Better avoid rush tourist season in 1st May to 3rd May and 1st October to 7th October, they are two national holiday in China.

Must-see Attractions of Chongqing tour
Do include these attractions when travel Chongqing: Erling Park, Ciqikou Ancient Town, Great Hall of the People, Stilwell Museum and Dazu Grotto.

Chongqing Tour Photo
photo of chongqing baigongguan prisonphoto of chongqing ciqikou ancient townphoto of chongqing ciqikou ancient townphoto of chongqing baigongguan prisonphoto of chongqing eling parkphoto of chongqing eling park

Accommodation of Chongqing Tour
There are almost forty star rating hotels including some top brand hotels in Chongqing. All the Chongqing hotels includ some budget hotels are completely facilitated and with elegant designation.
It is recommended that visitors make reservation in advance in the peak tourist season.

Ciqikou Ancient Town of ChongqingTell me something about food in Chongqing
As a part of Sichuan province, food in Chongqing belongs to Sichuan cuisine, with the emphasis on hot and spicy dishes. The most renowned and ubiquitous Chongqing dish is spicy hotpot. Other local dishes are spicy escargots, spicy fish, spicy beef and spicy chicken. Here are some representative ones: Bangbang Chicken, Beef Hotpot, Pork leg cooked with rock candy, sliced meat with crispy rice Barbecued Fish, Dan Dan Noodle, etc.

Shopping in Chongqing
With the large scale and abundant resources, Chongqing famed for various local products and handicrafts. Representative local products are Shu Embroidery, Jiangjin swelled candy rice, Fuling pickles, Three Gorges Ink-slab, beef jerk, Rongchang paper fan and tea, etc.

Chongqing Tour Related Topic

Chongqing Erling ParkChongqing Introduction
Chongqing, short for “Yu”, is the biggest municipality directly under the Central Government of China with vast geographical area and population density. It located at the edge of Yungui Plateau, and is the confluence of Jialing River and Yangtze River. see details of Chongqing Introduction...

Chongqing Attractions
Erling Park, Ciqikou Ancient Town, Great Hall of the People, Stilwell Museum and Dazu Grotto. see details of Chong attractions...

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