Nine-Dragon Cave Scenic Spot

The Nine-Dragon Cave Scenic Spot is situated at the northern end of Mount Liulong about 17 kilometers southeast of Tongren City, Guizhou Province. It is a famous scenic spot in Guizhou and composes of many tourist attractions including the Guanyin Mountain, the Lotus Temple, the Nine-Dragon Cave, the Shishan Cave, the Jingjiang River and other scenic sites.
Located in the middle Guanyin Hill beside Malong Brook (Scolding Dragon Brook), the Nine-Dragon Cave is the most important part among those scenic spots and has a very beautiful legend. It was said that there were six yellow dragons on Liulong Hill (Six-Dragon Hill), which is behind Nine-Dragon Cave. They invited three black dragons living in Jinjiang River, which faces the Cave, to come to the cave to get together. When the nine dragons entered the cave, they saw it as a wonderful cave mansion. Each of them wanted to live in the cave and made the cave as its own, so they quarreled and quarreled without stop. When the dawn came, all of the dragons could not able to go back home, the only thing they could do was to climb along a huge colorful post deep inside of the cave and stayed here forever. As the nine dragons kept quarrelling, people could not get peace, so they scolded them in front of a brook at the foot of the hill. Thus the brook was called Scolding Dragon Brook and the cave got its name--- the Nine-Dragon Cave.
With superior natural conditions and comfortable climate, the Nine-Dragon Cave Scenic Spot is a large natural dissolved cave with many natural and cultural tour sights dotted everywhere. Inside the cave, stalactites and stalagmites stand in great number. Those multicolored and crystal clear stalactites have various kinds of shape including the stone flower, stone bird, stone curtain and other stone animals. All of them are vividly placed in the cave. There also have dozens of stalactite stelae with a height over 20 meters. The biggest one even reaches a height of 39.98 meter and has a diameter about 16.4 meter. It is the highest stalactite stele in China and the second in the world by now. Along with the beautiful Jinjiang scenery, Dongshan Temple and the Ancient Complex of the Ming and Qing Dynasty, the Nine-Dragon Cave Scenic Spot is a famous tourist attraction and summer resort with great esthetics value in Guizhou province.


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