Zhaodi Dyke Scenic Spot

Zhaodi Dyke Scenic Spot lies in Anlong County, Guizhou Province. The Dyke was first built in Qing dynasty in year 1694 to prevent flood and strength the communication. Since donated by a local official Zhao Guolin, therefore the dyke got the name Zhaidi Dyke.
The Zhaodi Dyke is lined by weeping willows on both sides. When the dyke was first completed, it was 27 meters in length, 3 meters in height and 2.5 meters in width. There is also a lotus pond not far away from the dyke with beautiful lotus blossomed in it. Besides, the lotus viewing pavilion, the winding bridge and the painted pavilions and corridors compose a beautiful and harmonious picture of nature and human life.
Besides the charming natural sceneries, historical relics can be also found here. For instance, the Eighteen Officials' Tombs built up in Ming Dynasty, the grave of Zhang Linxiang and Ma Hetu (the leaders of an uprising of the Hui Nationality during the period of the late Qing Dynasty), the Imperial Drill Ground of the Ming Dynasty, the Examination Hall of the Qing Dynasty, the stone carvings in the Warrior's Temple and so on. There are also many stone carvings and tablets which have great value on the study of the ancient history and custom.
With beautiful natural scenery and magnificent historical culture, the Zhaodi Dyke Scenic Spot in Anlong is a very good place for visitors.

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