The Old Xiuying Emplacement

The Old Xiuying Emplacement was a great military facility in ancient Hainan and China. It is known as one of the four emplacements in ancient China together with the Humen Emplacement in Guangdong, Wusong Emplacement in Shanghai and Dagu Emplacement in Tianjin.
The Old Xiuying Emplacement is located at the rear of the Xiuying Village in the north of Haixiu Road of Haikou City. In 1890, Zhang Zhidong---an important official of the Qing Government ordered to build the Xiuying Emplacement in order to resist thhe invading of the Franch Army. The whole emplacement plus with the annex totally covers an area of 10,000 square meters. It has all together built five emplacements with the Gongbei, Zhendong and Dingxi as the big ones and the Zhenwu and Zhenwei as the small ones. These five emplacements were arranged in a 200-meter long line in a small hill along the coast from east to west. The crenel is towards north and facing to the sea with solid walls encircled around. Two rows of soldiers’ room and magazines were constructed face to face with a big playground in the middle. The emplacement is under the protection of the local government. It has witnessed the history of the brave Haikou people resisting the foreign invaders hundred years ago.

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