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China Popular Tour
Beijing Xian Shanghai tour 8-day
Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai 10-day
Beijing Xian Lhasa Shanghai 11-day
Beijing Xian Yangtze Shanghai 11-day
Beijing Lhasa Xian Guilin Shanghai 13-day
Beijing Lhasa Xian Guilin Yangtze Shanghai 16-day

China Culture Tour
Beijing Chengde Lhasa Xian Luoyang Zhengzhou Beijing Tour
Beijing Datong Taiyuan Xian Kunming Guilin Suzhou Shanghai
Beijing Dunhuang Xian Guilin Shanghai tour 11-day
Beijing Dunhuang Xian Shanghai Tour 11-day
Beijing Huangshan Hongcun Village Shanghai Tour 9-day
Beijing Lhasa Xian Guilin Yangshuo Hong Kong tour 14-day
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Private China Tour , Cultural China Tour , Family China Tour
China Adventure Tour , China Deep Tour, China Industry Tour
Tibet Tour , Silk Road Tour , Yangtze River Cruise , Huangshan Tour , Yunnan Tour , Guizhou China Tour

China Cruises
Internatinal cruises stop at these cities.
Please visit the city tour page to find which tour you will take:
Shanghai tour
Dalian tour
Haikou tour
Qingdao tour
Xiamen tour
Tianjin tour
Sanya tour

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China Bus Tour
Beijing Shanghai (6 days)
Beijing Xian Shanghai (12 days)
Beijing Yangtze River, Shanghai (9 days)
Beiing Xian Yangtze River Hong Kong (18 days)
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Tibet Bus Tour (Join in tour or group tour)
Lhasa 4 Days Bus Tour
Lhasa 5 Days Bus Tour
Lhasa 8 days Central Tibet Cultural & Historical Bus Tour
Lhasa 8 Days Bus Tour to Mt.Everest Base Camp
Lhasa 8 Days Bus Tour to Kathmandu via E.B.C

China Tour in Top City

Beijing Tour
Xian Tour
Guilin Tour
Shanghai Tour
Yangtze River Cruise

China Single City Tour

Beijing tour

Beidaihe tour          
C: Chengde tour Chengdu tour Chongqing tour Changchun tour Changsha tour    
D: Dalian tour Datong tour Dunhuang tour Dali tour      
F: Fuzhou tour            
G: Guangzhou tour Guilin tour Guiyang tour        
H: Haikou tour Hangzhou tour Hohhot tour Hongkong tour Huangshan tour Harbin tour Hefei tour
J : Jinan tour          
K: Kashi tour Kashgar tour Kunming tour Kaili tour Kaohsiung tour    
L: Lanzhou tour Lhasa tour Lijiang tour Luoyang tour      
M: Mongolia tour Macao tour          
N: Nanjing tour Nanchang tour Nanning tour Ningbo tour      
P: Putuoshan tour            
Q: Qingdao tour            
S: Sanya tour Shanghai tour Shenzhen tour Silk Road tour Suzhou tour Shenyang tour  
T: Taiwan tour Taiyuan tour Tibet tour Taipei tour Tianjin tour    
U: Urumqi tour            
W: Wuhan tour Wenzhou tour Wuxi tour        
X: Xiamen tour Xian tour Xining tour        
Y: Yangtze River Cruise Yinchuan tour Yantai tour Yanzhou tour Yichang tour    
Z: Zhangjiajie tour Zhuhai tour          

China Hotel Reservation
Beijing hotel  Shanghai hotel Xian hotel Guilin hotel Guangzhou hotel
Shenzhen hotel Zhuhai hotel Suzhou hotel Hangzhou hotel Chongqing hotel
Dalian hotel Dongguan hotel Hong Kong hotel Kunming hotel Ningbo hotel
Qingdao hotel Sanya hotel Tianjin hotel Wenzhou hotel

China City Guides
Beijing Chengde Chongqing Datong Dunhuang
Guangzhou Guilin Guiyang Haikou Hangzhou
Hohhot Huangshan Jinan Kashi Kunming
Lanzhou Lhasa Lijiang Luoyang Qingdao
Sanya Shanghai Shenzhen Suzhou Taiyuan
Xian Urumqi Wuhan Yangtze River  

China Discover
History, Architecture,
Ethnic Groups, Chinese Cuisine

Top Attractions
Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors

Attractions by City
Beijing, Guilin, Shanghai, Xian, Lhasa, Suzhou

Beijing Olympic Games 2008

China Flights
Beijing-Xian Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Guilin, Beijing-Hainan,

China Train
Beijing-Xian, Beijing-Shanghai,

World travel directory

China Local Products
carpets, silk, pearl, tea,

China Travel Tips
Entry regulation, Travel insurance, Money matter, Visa and passport,
Airport fees, Tipping...

Travel China FAQ
Tipping, best season, shopping,currency, cruise FAQ , travel Tibet FAQ

China Photo
Beijing Photo Xian Photo Shanghai Photo
Dunhuang Photo    
Chengde Photo Chengdu Photo Chongqing Photo
Hangzhou Photo Suzhou Photo Zhouzhuang Photo
Tongli Photo Wuzhen Photo Xitang Photo

China Tour Routen
Über uns

T1. China Private Reise von Beijing Xian Shanghai
T6. Beijing Xian Yangtze Fluss und Shanghai Reise
T11. China Reise von Beijing , Lhasa , Xian , Guilin und Shanghai

Beijing Reise
BH-1. Vier Tage Beijing Reise ( Mit Hotel)
BK-1. Zwei Tage Reise in Beijing

Xian Reise
XK-1. Xian Zwei Tage Private Tour
XD-1. Eins- Tag Reise von Terraktotta-Armee

Guilin Reise
GH-2. 4 Tage Reise von Guilin
GH-3. 4 Tage Reise von Guilin , Longsheng , Li-Fluss Kreuzfahrt und Yangshuo
GD-1. Stadt Guilin Reise
GD-2. Guilin Li-Fluss Kreuzfahrt

Shanghai Reise
SHH-2. 3 - Tage Reise von Shanghai
SHD-1. Shanghai Reise von Yuyuan Garten, Jadebuddha Tempel, Shanghai Museum, Nanjinglu Straße und Bund
SHD-4. Eins -Tag Reise Huangpu Fluss Kreuzfahrt
SHD-5.Eins- Tag Reise von dem Kreuzfahrtschiff
SHD-10. Eins- Tag Reise nach Suzhou Garten aus Shanghai
SHD-11.Eins-Tag Reise von Shanghai nach Hangzhou

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