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Exhibition Halls of Steles Forest Museum

With 900 years of history, this treasure house holds a large collection of the earliest stone steles of different periods, from the Han Dynasty to the Qing of stele forest museumThe exhibition areas includes two sections: Forest of Steles and Stone Sculpture. Forest of Steles house over 3,000 pieces of steles from the War Kingdoms to Qing Dyasty time. The simple figure of the stone sculpture shows vigorous strength.
The contents of the Forest Steles can be divided into four groups: works of literature and philosophy, historical records, calligraphy and pictorial stones.
All together, there are 3,000 steles and the museum is divided into seven exhibitions halls.Hall one mainly displays "the Kaicheng Stone Classics", which contains twelve lections caved on 114 steles. The lections include "the Book of Changes", " the Book of History" , "the Book of Songs", "the Analects of Confucius" and some others of this kind. These are the must-read books for the intellectuals of the feudal society. At that time the printing was under development. In order to well preserve these lections, the rulers ordered to engrave them on the stone steles.
Hall two mainly display The stone tablets written by the calligraphers during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It has the collection of the masterpieces of the famous calligraphers, such as Ou Yangxun, Yan Zhenqing, Wang Xizhi and Liu Gongquan. Nestorian Tablet is the most useful material for experts to study the cultural exchanges between the Tang Dynasty and the other states.
Hall three houses the calligraphy-collection. Collections here are also of high value for exploring Chinese calligraphy history.Chinese calligraphy has a long history, and in general has evolved from the complex to the simple. It has five basic script forms, namely: seal script, clerical script, regular script, running script and cursive script. Through more than 5,000 years of creative work various forms have constituted the abundant treasure and unique traditions of Chinese calligraphy. For example, the Cao Quan Stele, written in Han clerical script in the 2nd year of Zhongping ( 185 AD) in the Eastern Han Dynasty, is famous for its elegant, ingenious and clear inscription, as well as its completeness.The Tang Dynasty witnessed the prosperous period of our art of calligraphy. Ouyang Xun, Yu Shinan,Zhu Suiliang, Yan Zhenqing and Liu Gongquan developed their own distinctive styles of regular script, while Ouyang Tong, Xu Hao, Shi Weize, Huai Su, Zhang Xu and Li Yangbing were celebrated calligraphers of different script forms. The most distinguished Tang stele is "the Preface to the Holy Buddhist Scriptures" in the handwriting of Wang Xizhi, a famous Jin calligrapher. The valuable poems and works of calligraphy of such famous post-Tang calligraphers as Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Mi Fei, Zhao Mengfu, Dong Qichang and Zhu Yongming are also collected in the Forest of Steles. Through these tablets, you could learn much about the evolvement of the Chinese characters.
Hall four displays painting Stones engraved with historical records. The portraits of Confucius and Bodhidarma and the allegorical pictures and texts were written here.
In ancient times, the rulers of different dynasties preferred to build temples and solidify the city wall. Some records of this form of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties engraved on the steles are preserved in Hall five.
Hall six exhibits the poetic inscriptions.
Hall seven shows some of inscriptions left by Emperors, noted ministers and well-reputed calligraphers of various dynasties.

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Photo of Stele Forest
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