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Shaanxi Coca-Cola Swire Beverage Co. Ltd.

Factory Name: Shaanxi Coca-Cola Swire Beverage Co. Ltd.
Address: Fengcheng No. 20, Fengcheng 2nd Road, Xi'an Economic zone, Shaanxi
Date of establishment: 1995.9.16
Products: Coca - Cola brand 's soft drinks
Contact Number: 4008096868

The company is the first production-oriented foreign-funded enterprises in Xi'an and the first Coca-Cola bottling plant in the Northwest region's. It is also the first top 500 foreign-funded enterprises in the world founded in the Xian economic and technological development zone.

Visiting Programme: Factory hall with the combination of classical and modern -the newly renovated "Le Space Museum" - the production line corridor - Star Coca-Cola SCCSX area - the corporate display wall
Visiting time: 70 minutes
Visiting hour: 9:00-16:00
Visiting fee: free

1. Visitors should be heathy, refused to drinkers, mental disorders, incompetent personnel to visit.
2. No smoking and carrying inflammable and explosive dangerous goods.
3. Forbidden to bring drinks outside of Coca-Cola brand.
4. Please obey the command of the reception staff, do not make noise, walk around, withdraw halfway, and so on.
5. Please keep clean, prohibit spitting, throwing the litter, and other acts of uncivilized behavior.
6. No photo or video is allowed in the workshop.

Attractions Nearby: Terracotta Warriros, Banpo Village Remains, Bell Tower, Big Goose Pagoda, City Wall
Main business:
In addition to the production and sale of world-renowned brands, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, zero Coca-Cola, the company also produces Minute Maid, Cool fruit juice beverage, ice dew spring water ,and the original leaf tea drinks.

Honor and achievement:
Award the king of Chinese beer by ICS
Yanjing Bear was Identified the Chinese brand-name products
Received gold medal in the 31st Brussels World Expo 1992
Received gold medal in the Mongolia Ulan Bator International Exposition (2000)
Yanjing Group was Identified top 500 enterprises of world trade.

Mainly opening area: "Le Space Museum", the production line corridor, Star Coca-Cola SCCSX area, the corporate display wall

Present situation:
The company has introduced advanced production lines from Europe and the United States, from one production line in 1995, to five production lines and two blowing lines in 2015. It mainly produces and sells the world-renowned brand of Coca-Cola products. The company has been established an extensive sales network and in a leadership position in the soft drinks market in Shaanxi Province.

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