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Shanghai Restaurant

shanghai-restaurant-seagull-palace-big Restaurant:Seagull palace

Six cold dishes Bi feng tang lotus loot Pork chops sweet and sour sauce
Fried fish with chestnut Diced chicken with chili sauce Fried potato chips
Blanched lettuce with shredded scallion Sweet corn soup with chicken shreds Fried rice with eggs
Spring roll with three kinds of shres Fresh fruit  


Restaurant:Little swan

Six cold dishes Fried fish filet with salad Diced chicken with chili sauce
Stir-fried bacon with calabrese Sauteed beef with patato Fried pork in sweet and sour sauce
Sauteed vegetables Borsch Floured ball with sesame
Fried rice with eggs    


Restaurant:Dai jia cun

Sour and hot soup Beef with oyster sauce Fried sliced fish in “dai” Style
Fried chicken Sweet-and-sour pork Fried pork with summersquash
Fried winter melon Diced chicken with cellery Seasonal vegetable
Fried noodles Fried rice Fresh fruit



Crisp rib-steak with sauce Salted ribs with pepper Assorted diced chicken
Special eggplant Special eggplant Chips with beef
Fried potato with jack bean Fish with sweet and sour sauce Fried vegetable
Corn soup with sliced chicken Fried rice with eggs  


Restaurant:Si bo

Beef with sauce Chicken chops with potato and curry Fried perch with tomato sauce
Sliced pork with garlic sauce Stir-fried sliced pork with vegetable Pan-corn
Sliced potato with green pepper Borsch,Spring rolls Steamed bun
Fried rice with eggs Fruits  

Restaurant:New lv bo lang

Six cold dishes Soup with beef Stir-fried chicken and beef
Stewed egg with seafood Deep fried pork Cabbage with mushroom
Sorted diced fish Stir-fried vegetable Springroll with pork
Steamed bun with vegetable Rice Fresh fruit


Restaurant:Thai riffic

Chicken in thailand style Fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce Sliced potato with green pepper
Stewed egg in thailand style Deep-fried spare ribs with spicy salt Diced chicken with chili sauce
Pastry with sweet and spicy eggplants and meats Fried vegetable Soup with ribs
Rice Fresh fruit  


Restaurant:Bund riverside hotel

Beef with pepper Fried vegetable ring Sliced chicken with sorted vegetable
Sweet and sour pork Stir-fried fish Noodles in korean style
Eggplant in spicy and sour sauce Stir-fried vegetable Tomato and egg soup
Fried rice with eggs Seasonal fruits  



Beef with onion Sweet-and-sour pork Diced chicken with chili sauce
Fried fish fillet Stewed eggs with scallion Stir-fried rice with sauce
Stewed eggplant Seasonal vegetable Tomatto soup

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