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Shanghai Shopping


Shopping:Jiangnan silk

Silk is a kind of treasure of our China. It makes the ancient Chinese civilization more brilliant. For the thousands of years, Chinese people have communicated with the whole world through silk.

Silk of south China was been bring to European continents through the Silk Road far away in ancient Rome. Chinese silk once has been called “soft gold”, and dressing in silk once be the vogue at that time. Silk of south China was provided us with 5000 years splendid history which included mysterious silk culture and civilization. She will inherit our ancient dazzling silk culture and develop our modern silk culture continuously on the promise of modern goodliness, luxury and fashion. She will also greatly enrich our human being's material and culture life.


Shopping:Ziyuan Jewelry

Ziyuan Jewelry is a large jewelry company which is professional at pearl producing, processing, design and selling. Ziyuan Pearl Jewelry Exhibition Center, which locates at Beijing West Road,I s the biggest pearl exhibition center in Shanghai. There are famous Chinese Southsea pearls, Chinese freshwater pearls and the best saltwater pearl jewelries from all around the world on sale in the center. Since the foundation in 1994, Ziyuan Jewelry has always been dedicated ti the creation of jewelry produces and the building of its brand.

Ziyuan Jewelry has its own pearl farm , jewelry processing factory and numerous creative jewelry designers and professional craftsmen to provide all customers with professional, meticulous and thoughtful service.

shanghai-shopping-waima-wharf-silk-exhibition-hall-bigShopping:Waima wharf silk exhibition hall of shanghai china

The silk originated in China. It's said that Chinese started farming silkworms and making silk clothes in the early beginning of civilization 4000 years ago. Silk manufacture was a very old traditional industry and raw silk was one of most primary products to export. “The silk road ” in northwest China was famous all over the world. the silk dressing was a always a favorite to ladies of home and aboard for its charming features: soft and compact texture, bright and shining surface, toughness and ventilating feeling. Waima Wharf Silk Exhibition Hall is one of biggest center which include silk museum, shopping mall and restaurants, The center occupies 6000 square meters totally. We have such silk items: silk quilt, famous brands of silk garment and one of most famous silk embroidery in China-Su Embroidery”, and some silk rugs, carpets and so on. There is demonstration room and fashion show inside. Visitor may participate in all process.

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