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Shanghai Staff


Lei Yu

Executive Deputy General Manager of Europe & America Center.

She oversees the customer service and sales departments, as well as leading & developing intensive training programs for our professional tour-guide team.

With10 years in the travel business, many of those spent on the road leading tours both in China and abroad, Lei’s strengths are her understanding of Western culture and great customer service.

Fluent in English, she has great cross-culture communication skill.


Judy Jiang

Deputy General  Manager of Europe & America Center.

With 19 years’ experience in travel business, she has extensive knowledge of operating Shanghai region tours.

Managing special events logistics, and coordinating musical exchange performance are her specialty. Judy is open-minded and responsible.

She believes that the opportunity only comes to those who are ready.


Jacky Ye

Sales Manager of Europe & America Center.

Fluent in English and Cantonese, he has developed and operated a wide range of innovative tours catering for the Western market in the past 8 years with SAL Tours, A typical perfectionist, Jacky is creative, professional and diligent.

He is very efficient and clients are often impressed by his attention to detail. 


Daniel Zheng 

Daniel takes care of the sales market from Australia and New Zealand.

He has worn different hats at SAL Tours in the past 8 years.

Previous tour-guiding and operation experiences have strengthened his skills in sales and tour consulting.
Daniel is passionate, responsible and has great sense of humor.

He tries to keep up with the most current and popular events in Shanghai and loves to share these up to date knowledge with his clients.


Shirley Zhong 

Shirley focuses on operating the events and culture exchange programs.

After many years in the travel industry,  she has in-depth knowledge and understanding of Western culture and its people.

She has successfully arranged professional exchange programs in different fields, such as in league, educational, political or medical industry.

Shirley is always willing to learn and to improve herself. She takes clients satisfaction as priority.


Tracy Chen  

Tracy is our senior travel consultant.

In her past 5 years with SAL Tours, she has played different roles including local guide, tour operator and travel planner.

In 2005, she went to Tibet as a volunteer guide for 6 months.

This tremendous experience of living and working in Tibet makes that region as her specialty and passion.

She loves to share her knowledge with all her clients.


Lucy Lu 

Lucy is a valued member of our Operations team.

She is in charge of operating and arranging tours for both groups and FIT in Shanghai region, most of them are from Scandinavia area.

She collected great knowledge of Scandinavia culture from her previous tour guiding experience.

She always says: If you think you can, you can! Her confidence and enthusiastic personality inspires both her clients and colleagues.


Peggy Wu 

Peggy is one of our sales team.

Fluent in English, her specialty is organizing the tailor-made individual tours in Shanghai and Yangtze Delta region.

She understands that flexibility and attention to detail is the key to great customer service. "Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep."

Peggy runs her dream career in travel smoothly.


Apple Gu 

Apple brings fresh air and youthful enthusiasm to the Operations team.

She is full of energy and passionate about her travel career.

She is patient, hard working and easy to communicate with.

She finds her current role suits her well, and looks forward to a long career in the company!


Dolphin Tu 

Dolphin is our senior tour operator.

His major responsibility is reservations of restaurants, air and rail tickets, hotels, cruises and private vehicles.

With SAL Tours for 13 years, he is experienced and professional.

His intensive knowledge of local resources in Shanghai provides solid support to our sales team.


Jing Xu  

Xujing ’s responsibility is the challenging role of scheduling.

He works closely with Management and local guide team to allocate the staffing for tours.

He is diligent, patient and well organized.

Xujing can always be relied on to keep calm in a crisis, which is a must in the travel industry where difficult situations often arise!

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