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Beidaihe Tour

Beidaihe is located in the southwest of Qinghuangdao City in Hebei province. BeidaiheQinhuangdao is a coastal city in Hebei province. It is situated about 300 km east of Beijing, on the Bohai Gulf. Beidaihe is a famous summer resort in Qinghuangdao. Its coastlines, seaside attractions and convenient transportation make it a popular destination for travelers. Beidaihe is one of the three districts under the jurisdiction of Qinhuangdao City. It is famous for the beautiful beaches and sunshine. Many modern holiday villages and public bathing places have been established, where you can taste local snacks and delicious seafood, ride in a speedboat, or relax in a ballroom dancing. The Beidaihe beach resort stretches 10 km. It is also known as a birding haven, a perfect spot for bird watching. Beidaihe is one of nine famous sun-rise watching spots in China.
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Best Season of Beidaihe Tour
Beidaihe has a warm temperature with a monsoon climate and four distinct seasons. Summer is not so hot and winter is not so cold. Generally speaking, May to October is the best time to visit Beidaihe, but some people like to go this beautiful coastal land all year round.
Time Zone: East 8 time zone

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
Beidaihe Tour will last about two days. If you visit the place in summer take some T-shirts, skirts and shorts. It may not be so hot beside the sea but better wear glasses and hats to prevent the sunshine. Consider that you may want to swim Beidaihein the sea better take a swimming suit if you don’t want to rent one in local store. Spring and autumn is cool and sunny, take long-sleeve and a coat will be fine. Winter in Beidaihe is not as prosperous as summer and it may be little cold in this season. Take jackets, overcoat and sweater for winter.

Accommodation of Beidaihe Tour
There are some hotels in Beidaihe but may be not various in star rating. Economic hotels are common in the region but also there are some good high star rating ones. All the hotels are completely facilitated and with elegant designation, even you are stay in a small hotel the services will also be great. It is recommended that visitors make reservation in advance in the tourist season.
Traffic: Ways to get in Beidaihe:
--There have no airport in Beidaihe travelers must take the airplane in Qinhuangdao and then transfer to Beidaihe. Shanhaiguan Airport is about thirty kilometers away from the city center. There have planes to twenty domestic major cities in China including Shanghai, Nanjing, Dalian, Yantai, Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang, etc.
--There have four railway stations in Qinhuangdao. They are Qinhuangdao Railway Station, Shanhaiguan Pass Railway Station, Beidai River Railway Station and Changli Railway Station. Travelers can take trains to Beidai River Railway Station to Beidaihe.

Beidaihe Tour Tips
BeidaiheTime: Better avoid the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7 because there is long national vacation in China, it will be so crowd in Beidaihe and also all around the nation, so pick a good time outside that.
Food: Food in Beidaihe is namely Hebei Cuisine, also known as Ji cuisine. Due to it location seafood in Beidaihe is very good. Except Heibei dishes Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Moslem, vegetarian, Japanese, Korean and western style dishes can all be found here. Beidaihe is notable for its shellfish, especially crab, lobster, cuttlefish and scallops. You can find different kinds of seafood in guesthouses and restaurants. Roasted Prawn is one of the most delicious food in Chinese and western countries. As a seaside city, marine products are abundant in Beidaihe. The dish is made from local Beidaihe prawns, served in a scrumptious dressing and usually accompanied by a soup.
Water: Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.
·What to buy?
Due to its coastal position Beidaihe boasts many marine products and local handicrafts. Local specials will be saw in some tourist point stores, the handicraft here nearly all is take the shell class as a raw material, including each kind of pearl accessories, the curtain, the necklace, pendant and so on. The special products in Beidaihe are Ambrain and shell carving.
·Where to buy?
Travelers can buy some souvenir in Beidaihe. There is a small commodity collection in southeast door of Lianfeng Mountain Park, after play in the seashore sand beach you can buy some appropriate small commodities there. Better bargain with the seller since the price will be quoted quite different in different vender. Beidaihe
Festivals and Customs: Looking the sea congress is the festival held in lunar calendar in May 5th every year in Beidaihe. During the festival time many people from all over the national will rush to Qinhuangdao to stroll the duck. People have a glance over the scenery of the dock and buying staffs, also they ascend a sea to the seashore. Some custom activities will be held during the festival, too.

Must-see Attractions of Beidaihe Tour
Tiger Rock Park: It is in the central area of Beidaihe. There have many huge rocks that look like a herd of tigers. Travelers can climb on the rocks and have a good view of the scenery of Beidaihe. It is a good spot for photography.
Yingjiao Stone: Located to the east of Beidaihe this twenty meter high steep rock is shaped like an eagle perched on the cliff. It also called Dove Nest Park since there are many doves nest in the cracks of it. Yingjiao Stone is a famous place in Beidaihe to watch the sunrise.
Lianfeng Hill: is located on the back of Beidaihe beach. It is consists of two peak hills—the east peak and the west peak. You can reach Seaside Pavilion from the top of the hill and sceneries around the mountain are so beautiful. There is a nice park on the foot of Lianfeng hill, it named Lotus Stone Park. The park gets its name for the huge lotus shaped stones in it.

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