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Beijing CP Egg Industry Co.Ltd

Factory Name: Beijing CP Egg Industry Co.Ltd
Beijing CP Egg Industry Co.LtdAddress: South Longfeng Road, Xifangezhuang Village, Pinggu District,, Beijing, China
Date of establishment: 2012
Products: Shell egg products, liquid egg products, deeply processing products (white eggs)
Contact Number: 86-10-56651850

The company is the largest livestock and poultry breeding enterprise with highest degree of modernization.
Visiting Programme: Spray disinfection - the corridor - breeding line - production line (including the whole process of egg cleaning, disinfection and packaging) - Product introduction hall
Visiting time: 120 minutes
Reception capacity: Groups with more than 20 visitors
Visiting fee: Free

1. Visitors should be heathy, refused to drinkers, mental disorders, incompetent personnel to visit.
2. No smoking and carrying inflammable and explosive dangerous goods.
3. Please keep clean, prohibit spitting, throwing the litter, and other acts of uncivilized behavior.
4. No photo or video is allowed in the workshop.

Attractions Nearby: Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace
Main business:
Feed production, livestock and poultry breeding, egg products processing and sale

Honor and achievement:
Classic Company of China 's Urbanized Agriculture Industry in 2011
Sales in the first place in the similar products in national market 2013
The most popular egg brand in Beijing

Mainly opening area: Breeding workshop, production workshop

Present situation:
Beijing CP Egg Industry Co.Ltd is the largest through-train egg production enterprises in China and Asia. Besides the egg products, it can produce laying hens, organic fertilizer and other by-products, forming a whole industry chain.


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