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Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd

Factory Name: Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd
Beijing Red Star Co., LtdAddress: No.1, Hongxing Road, Huairou District, Beijing
Date of establishment: 1949
Products: Erguotou Wine
Contact Number: 86-10-51202902 /61697658

Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd is the first state-owned brewery in new China and created a precedent turning a brewing process into product name.
Visiting Programme: Visiting the Red Star Erguotou Museum including five exhibition halls: the history of Chinese liquor, Erguotou wine history, the heritage and brewing skills of Erguotou wine, Wine cellar
Reception capacity: Groups more than 20 people
Visiting time: 60 minutes
Visiting hour: 9:00-11:30 am, 1:00-4:00 pm
Visiting fee: 30RMB per person

1. Please obey the visiting order and keep the museum quiet and clean.
2. No smoking and carrying inflammable and explosive dangerous goods.
3. Do not touch the exhibits.
4. No photo or video without permission.

Attractions Nearby: Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace
Main business:
Producing Erguotou liquor

Honor and achievement:
the China's Time-Honored Brands identified by the Ministry of Commerce.
the Non - Material Cultural Heritage in Beijjing.
one of the well-known brands in Beijing
outstanding contribution to catering for Olympic 2008

Mainly opening area: Red Star Erguotou Museum including five exhibition halls

Present situation:
Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd. focus on the innovation of management, marketing and product. To meet the needs of people and the market, Red Star products have developed into 5 major kinds, including ordinary, special, boutique, treasures and collections.


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