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Mt. Cangshan

Mt. Cangshan lies 2km west of Dali with an average height of 4000 m and composed by a cluster of 19 soaring peaks. These snowcapped peaks form a nature screen on the west bank of Erhai Lake, among which the highest peak is as high as 4,100 meters, while the rest average elevation is over 3,500 meters.
A natural wonder is that between each of the 19 peaks there is a tinkling stream flowing down and finally reaching Erhai Lake. It is a unique sight known as Nineteen-Peaks-and-Eighteen-Streams in Mt. Cangshan. Clouds hovering over the peaks are another wonder. When the sun shines the clouds which wrapping around the mountain, the clouds colorful reflecting the sunshine, the scene is wonderful.
Mt. Cangshan houses more than 3,000 species of plants and various wild animals. Therefore, the mountain also boasts a botanical garden and a zoo. Besides this, Mt. Cangshan is abundant in marble, which we called Dali Shi in Chinese. They are rare structural material.

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