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Dunhuang Crescent Lake

Photo of Dunhuang Crescent Lake
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The Crescent Lake is a masterpiece of the fantastic nature, harmoniously coexist with sand dune in desert for thousands of years.
Dunhuang Crescent Lake

It is about 6 kilometers south of Dunhuang City, surrounded by Echoing Sand Mountain. It resembles a graceful crescent fallen down into the desert, that is why it got the beautiful name. Poplars are dotted around the lake, seen at the peak of the Echoing Sand Mountain, the lake looks like a lush arc.

In the lake you can appreciate fish swimming in the reflection of green poplars and elegant pavilions. People say that the Crescent Lake and Echoing-Sand Mountain represent a loyal couple, who pledge staying together forever. The two standing through thousands of years symbolize the way lovers and couples should cherish the true love they own.

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Photo of Dunhuang Crescent Lake and Echoing Sand Mountain

Dunhuang Crescent LakeDunhuang Crescent LakeDunhuang Crescent LakeDunhuang Crescent Lake

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