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Dunhuang Museum

Photo of Dunhuang Crescent Lake
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Dunhuang Museum is located at Yangguan East Road in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province. Dunhuang MuseumIt was established in 1979 with an area of 2400 square meters. There are two show rooms housing More than 4000 pieces of cultural relics.

The exhibit which covers the period from primitive society to the end of the Qing Dynasty can be divided into three parts.
The documents in the scripture hidden hole (the seventeenth hole) in Mogao Caves are the first part. Such as celebrity's writings and pictures ancient writings about the geography, weather and military affairs. These treasures are really precious.

The second part mainly shows unearthed cultural relics in the tombs mostly from Han to Tang Dynasty. It displays unearthed material objects such as Hanjian, rough papers, barley, millet and so on.

The third part mainly shows material objects, including all kinds of silk, brocade, thin silk etc. These material objects provide the plenty evidences to "Silk Road".

In the courtyard in front of the main building, a group of large-scaled sculptures will attract you. It represents people leading the camels walking on the Silk Road.

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Photo of Dunhuang Crescent Lake and Echoing Sand Mountain

Dunhuang Crescent LakeDunhuang Crescent LakeDunhuang Crescent LakeDunhuang Crescent Lake

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