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Yulin Grottoes

Photo of Dunhuang Crescent Lake
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Yulin Grottoes are located 75 kilometers southeast of Anxi County in Gansu Province. They are the branch of the Dunhuang art complex, also named Ten--Thousand Buddha Valley. It is one of the important caves in Gansu Province, other art paradise in China.

There are 41 major caves and hundreds of others scattered around. Among them, the cave 25 is the most complete preservation. Murals in these grottoes which consist of huge scripture drawings, portraits of Buddha etc. reveal the highly developed art of painting in the Tang Dynasty more than 1300 years ago. Scripture drawings on the southern and northern walls of cave 25 are big ones. These colorful, especially line drawings are rare. The precious ivory Buddha which in the Palace Museum in Beijing now had been protected in Yulin Grottoes for more than a thousand years.

Photo of Yangguan Great Wall

Dunhuang Yangguan Great WallDunhuang Yangguan Great WallDunhuang Yangguan Great WallDunhuang Yangguan Great Wall

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