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Great Wall of Yumenguan Pass

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Yumenguan Pass is situated on a hillock 90 kilometers (about 55.9 miles) northwest of Dunhuang City. When Zhangqian served as an envoy to the West Region in ancient times, it was an important gateway to the north route on the Silk Road for exported silk and tea from Central China while brought in fruit and religion culture.

Yumenguan Pass was used to be called "Small Square City", because it is a square construction with 10 -meter high wall and its top is 3 meters wide and bottom 5 meters. Legend has it that a jade was set on the gate of it in order to ensure the security of passing trade caravans, so it is named Yumenguan Pass from then on.

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Photo of Yangguan Great Wall

Dunhuang Yangguan Great WallDunhuang Yangguan Great WallDunhuang Yangguan Great WallDunhuang Yangguan Great Wall

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