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Shopping in China

The Best Buy in China
China's markets are becoming more prosperous. Usually, the following items should be included on your shopping list:

1. Antiques or copy of Antique (such as copy of Terracotta Soldiers)
2. Paintings and calligraphy
3. Silk and embroidery
4. Cloisonn,
5. Jade,
6. Porcelain
7. Pearls
8. Chinese medicines
9. Tea


Tips for Antiques Buying
According to laws, antiques only dated after 1797 (during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing dynasty) can be traded and taken out of China. So the first thing to consider is whether the antiques are allowed out of China. Antiquities to be taken out of China must bear a wax seal certified and be stamped by the National Administration for the Preservation of Cultural Relics, or secure a license for exit. Chinese antiques consist of the following categories:

Calligraphy and paintings


Tips for shopping in China
Like other countries, China is plagued by shoddy and counterfeited products, especially on street stands. Tourists are advised to make informed choices and shop accompanied by local guides. Also, big department stores and tourist stores designated by the government tend to have better credibility. Also, always ask for a receipt.

Credit Cards Accepted in China
All of the internationally accepted credit cards are usable in China. These include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club, Million Card, Federal Card and the JCB card of Japan.

Duty-free Shops
Because of their competitive prices, Duty-free commodities have been in existence for a long time in other countries. China started to deal in such goods in 1980. Now duty-free shops are almost everywhere-airports, ports, train stations, border posts, and tourist cities. There are money exchange shops in each store.
The duty-free shops in China sell famous-brand cigarettes, wines, perfumes, cosmetics, pens, watches, candies, food, daily necessities and electronics. Almost all brands can be found, and prices are cheaper than in most Western countries.


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