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FAQ about Tibet Tour

Entry Permission to Tibet
Entry Permission is necessary for foreigners when visit Tibet.
We can help you get these Entry Permission if you reserved a tour with our company. The cost is around 10 US$ per person. If you have not booked a tour, the travel agencies can not help you get the Permission.
If you need us to help you with your Entry Permission, please send us the follwoing information:

Full name
passport number
date of birth

And please send us a copy of your passport via fax or a scan copy via email.


Weather or climate in Tibet
It is suitable to visit Tibet from April to the beginning of November, and the best time is August and September. But if you only stay in Lhasa, you can travel there anytime of the year.

The city is called Sunlight City, Sun radiation is extremely strong in Tibet. The thin air can neither block off nor retain heat so that the temperature extremes can be met in daytime and the same night respectively in Tibet.

Most annual rainfall comes in the rainy season that starts from June to September. Usually it rains at night in Lhasa, Shigatse and Chamdo area. The rainfall may block roads and make travel difficult but the scenery at the time will be the best.

Dress Code in Tibet
We suggest casual attire style and layered clothing. In day time you may need only a T-shirt or at most a jacket, but at night you may need a coat. Down coat is necessary if you go beyond Lhasa and Shigatse to remote areas. Sun glasses, sun blocking cream, moisture scream are necessary to be listed in your packing list.

suggestions to prevent Mountain sickness
- Drink extra fluids. The dry air and evaporation of sweat may cause dehydration.
- Avoid alcohol as it may increase the risk of dehydration
- don't smoke
- Avoid sedatives
- Avoid catching cold before entering Tibet.
- Walk slowly, especially on the first day.
- Take more deep breath
- Prepare an oxygen bag if you don't feel well on the first day;


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