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Folded Brocade Hill (Diecai Shan)

Folded Brocade Hill (Diecai Shan) is one of the tourist attractions at the north of the city of Guilin. It is one of Guilin's most climbable peaks situated very close to the city center, near the Li River. It earned its name due to the fact that the thin shape of the hill and lush greenery around make it look like pieces of piled brocades. Standing on the top of the hill, you will get a panoramic view of the city.

Many Chinese character inscriptions decorate the rocks along the trail leading to the hilltop. Covering an area of 2 sq. km, the hill consists of Yuyue Hill, Siwang Hill, Crane Peak and Bright Moon Peak. Many charming scenes such as Diecai Pavilion, Diecai Archway, Windy Cave and Cloud-catching Pavilion scatter on the hill.

Beside its ravishing scenery, it has many ancient relics, including the Buddhist pagodas built in the Tang Dynasty, inscriptions and Buddhist sculptures. It is easy to climb up the hill along the stone pathway that takes you through the Wind Cave. Solitary Beauty Peak and Wave-subduing Hill can be seen from Folded Brocade Hill.

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