Baihua Lake Scenic Area

Sitting in the northwest of Guiyang city, Baihua Lake Scenic Area is known for its natural beauty. It is a man-made lake with an area about 13.5 square kilometers. More than one hundred islets were dotted in the lake, together with the crystal clear water and the green trees, it has formed a charming landscape.
Baihua Lake Scenic Area is composed of 12 scenic spots including the water-eroded cave, hot spring, Hongwu Gorge, Hongwu Temple, Yanbei Gorge, Yanbei Peak, Jinyin Gorge, Mogu Peak, Moon Bay, Zhuchang Village and so on. Among them, the Hongwu Gorge, Yanbei Gorge and the Jinyin Gorge all together are reputed as the Small Three Gorges for the magnificent view. On the lakeside are terraced fields layer upon layer. Peach trees and willows stand along the lakeside, together with several farmhouses and a small arch bridge, presenting beautiful rural scenery. The beautiful natural scenery also attracts thousands of water birds, such as the mandarin ducks, the egrets, the lake gulls, the teals and so forth. They nest and perch on the lake and the islets all the year round. What's more, one can also visit the Zhuchang Village that famous for its traditional building and wine. The village is an ancient fortress with well-preserved city walls and roads. Visitors will be well welcomed by the ethnic families.
Besides, the pleasure boats are available for the visitors and people can also have a picnic in the campsite to taste the delicious local food and snacks. A newly-build Baihua villa with first-class service and facilities will make your trip more comfortable.

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