Caohai Lake

Situated in the Weining Yi, Miao, and Hui Minority Autonomous County, western part of Guizhou Province, Caohai Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Guizhou and one of three largest freshwater lakes in China together with the Qinghai Lake and the Dianchi Lake.
Covering an area of more than 45 square kilometers, the Caohai lake is famous for its exuberate water and grass. Caohai Lake literally means the "grass lake". It was set up as a national nature reserve in 1992. Caohai lake settles in the wetland where embraced by the green mountains and the luxuriant trees. With an altitude about 2171.7 meters, Caohai Lake is famed as the "bright pearl of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau".
The lake is teemed with fish, shrimp and some other aquatic animals and plants. It has comfortable climate with cool summer and warm winter. More than one hundred rare waterfowls inhabit here or take Caohai as their wintering place. Such as the back-neck crane, common cranes, red-crowned crane, hooded cranes, white storks, black storks, bar-headed geese, wild geese, yellow-spotted pheasant, snipe, aigret, golden eagles, eastern imperial eagles, white-tailed sea eagles and ruddy shelducks. Among them, the black-neck cranes are in a large amount and it is the only plateau migratory bird left in the world. With so many waterfowls inhabit, Caohai Lake is really a "Kingdom of Birds". All of the people here have strong sense for protecting those rare bird species, thus Caohao was listed as one of the ten inhabitable places for migratory birds around the world that human and birds get along harmoniously and peacefully.
Whenever you visit Caohai Lake, it displays charming sceneries. The scene is particularly pretty in spring when peaches, plums, apricots, and wildflowers are in bloom. In late spring, a large area of beautiful azalea blossomed around the lake. The sight of hundreds of fishing boats sailing on the lake provides a charming prelude to spring. Autumn is the best season for visitors. The float grass in the green water burst into a string of flowers. With different colors, those water flowers decorated the whole lake beautifully. While taking a boat in the lake, you can see the flowers floating along with the water wave. It is such a fairyland that presents the stunning view. Winter is the best season for bird watching. You can see a large number of rare birds; it is really a marvelous spectacle.
At the west part of Caohai Lake, there locates "Yangguan Mountain Islet" which presents tranquil and natural view to the visitors. In the southeast of the lake, Six Holes Bridge and Lake-viewing Tower are lined with willows. There is also a temple along the east bank. It was side that Lv Dongbin (a character in Chinese folklore) was once visited here.
In a word, with water and sky mingled together, Caohai Lake is a very charming place for visitors.

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