Chishui Scenic Spot

Chishui city locates in the northern part of Guizhou Province and very close to Sichuan Province. It is well known both at home and abroad for Chishui River War where the Red Army traversed in the road of the famous Long March. It also has many beautiful natural views that make the city turn into a new tourist attraction. Due to such historical and cultural background, Chishui has attracted many visitors from both home and overseas.
Chishui Scenic Spot covers an area of 4,921 square kilometers and bestrides Chishui city and Xishui County with Chishui River flowing through. Chishui is rich in natural resources. In the Scenic spot, there are many natural sceneries including the waterfalls, bamboo seas, precious spinulose tree fern, Danxia landform, virgin forest and so on. Along with the Long March history and many cultural relics, the Chishui Scenic Spot is a famous tourist resort with historical, ecological, cultural and scientific value.
Chishui has many famous tourist spots, such as the Chishui Shizhang Cave Waterfall, Chishui National Nature Reserve of Spinulose Tree Fern, Sidonggou Valley, Fengxi River, Jinsha Banboo Sea Forest Park and so on. Chishui city is also famous for its unique Danxia Landform.

Chishui Shizhang Cave Waterfall
With so many waterfalls dotted in the area, Chishui is reputed as the "City of Thousand Waterfalls". And among them the most famous one is the Chishui Shizhang Cave Waterfall. The Shizhang Cave Waterfall lies in the Fengxi River which is a branch of the Chishui River in the southeast of Chishui County. With 72 meters high and 68 meters wide, the water drops into a semi-circular pool with a deafening roar and the mist penetrate in hundreds meters. Sometimes when the sun shines, people can see a beautiful and colorful rainbow arching in the sky. And it is surrounded by the cliffs and the exuberate brushwood. The nearby area is a virgin forest with many rare plants and animals including the tiger, leopard, river deer, bear, rhesus monkey, serow and others. People can also see a large amount of camellias and azaleas in the surrounding area.

Chishui National Nature Reserve of Spinulose Tree Fern
Chishui National Nature Reserve of Spinulose Tree Fern covers an area of 32 square kilometers and has more than 130,000 spinulose tree ferns. It is a nature reserve for the protection of spinulose tree fern which is a living fossil of the Jurassic Period full of ancient plants and dinosaurs. This is the largest area with the largest amount of spinulose tree ferns that ever known in China and the only survival spinulose tree fern forest in the same altitude of the world. It is noted as the "Kingdom of Spinulose Tree Fern along the Chishui Riverside". The spinulose tree fern is a sort of rare, subtropical, exotic- looking, woody fern and an endangered plant under the state protection. Further more, the woody trunks contain much starch and tannin that can be used for medical purposes. The spinulose tree fern likes a gigantic umbrella and has great viewing and scientific research value. In the reserve, the spinulose tree fern grow exuberantly with various types and some can even reach 12 meters high. The unique landform and the charming natural sights have formed many beautiful views in this area. For instance, the Jinfeng Mountain Ranges, Tianshengqiao Cliff, Gangou Waterfall Cluster and so on. With the resources of the natural spinulose tree fern forest and the discovery of the dinosaurs' footprint, an unparalleled "Jurassic Park" on earth is under building by the local government. It will surely attract many tourists and adventures by then.

Sidonggou Valley Scenic Spot
Sidonggou Scenic Spot is famous tourist attraction for four waterfalls that flushed along the valley from a branch of the Datong River. When you entered the scenic area, you will first see a shoal islet which called "Thousand Crane Islet". The island covers an area about 1,000 square meters with thousand of white cranes inhabit there. The four waterfalls here are the Water Curtain Waterfall, Moon Pond Waterfall, Flying Frog Cliff Waterfall and the White Dragon Pond waterfall with each has its distinctive features. The valley is covered with green bamboo trees, plants, arbor trees and a large variety of ferns, most of which are the tree fern (spinulose tree fern). The surrounding area, crisscrossed by ancient tracks, is an excellent walking area for hikers, and provides a taste of village life. Some well-preserved historical relics can be also seen here. One can even experience the ethnic culture and customs in a nearby Miao village and enjoy the delicious local food.

Bamboo Sea Forest Park
Bamboo Sea Forest Park occupies an area of 10,666 hectares with more than 40 bamboo species planted here. The park has three scenic sectors. The main spot sector is the Wild Bamboo Ground Scenic Area, which is a beautiful section that constitute by the bamboo views, waterfall cluster, virgin forest, wild animals and Danxia landform. The highest point in the park is the "Guanhai Tower". With 26 meters high, the six-floor building is considered to be the best place for viewing the splendid view of the bamboo seas. Especially when the wind blowing, the bamboo lined layer by layer with waves poppling in the vast green bamboo sea which really present a magnificent view to visitors.

Danxia Landform
Chishui Danxia Landform featured with Danxia cliffs, peculiar rocks and caves, solitary peaks, and polished Danxia valley that are appeal to visitors. The typical and the most famous are the Ten Thousand Stone Umbrella and the Tiansheng Bridge.
Ten Thousand Stone Umbrella is a huge umbrella-shaped stock that formed by the airslaking of the Danxia veins. It is 6.2 meters high. The perimeter of the umbrella tip is 17 meter while the thinnest part---the umbrella hold is only 1.2 meter. With many verdant trees surrounded, the tip of the umbrella is decorated with beautiful flowers and exuberant brushwood. The stone umbrella has many beautiful tales. It was said that the umbrella was a precious stone that flying from the Ermei Mountain.
Tiansheng Bridge was also formed by the Danxia landform. And it has discovered four bridges like that by now in Chishui. Duxian Bridge is a natural formed stone bridge that crossed upon the gulch. The body of the bridge is a huge stone with 20 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2 meters height of itself. The bridge is firm and flat with many bamboos surrounded and a stream flowing under the bridge.

Chishui city has been built for more than 900 years, besides the natural sceneries, Chishui also has many historical and culture relics, such as the stone city wall, the palace, temple and many stone inscriptions. The abundant natural resources and the rich historical and cultural background together with the convenient traffic have made Chishui an ideal tourist attraction for visitors all over the world.

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