Dragon Palace

Dragon Palace is a state-rank scenic spot locating in the Anshun City, Guizhou Province. Based on Guizhou's unique karst topography, it is a wonderland of underground karst caves in cluster.
Heavenly Pool (Tianchi) also called Dragon Pool (Longtan) is the entrance to the Dragon Palace. People should take a small boat to the cave. Inside the cave are all kinds of shapes of stalactites and stalagmites. Being illuminated by the colorful lights, the cave provides fascinating views to visitors. The whole cave is like a crystal palace of the Dragon King in Chinese folklores; hence it got the name Dragon Palace. The major spots include the Dragon's Palace, the Rape Lake, the Whirlpool and the Leech Pass. The Dragon Palace is made up with the Dragon-Sleeping Lake, the Guest-Receiving Cave, the Dragon-Gate Flying Waterfall, Heaven-Ladder Cave, the Dragon's Pool, a subterranean lake, the Clamshell Rock, the Tiger's Den and so forth. While inside the cave, you will marvel at the nature for creating such fairyland.
Being as long as 15 kilometers, the Dragon Palace is the longest singularly shaped karst river cave discovered in China up to now. Because of some reasons, only small parts are opened to the visitor. However, the small part can provide magnificent view to the visitors.

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