Fanjing Mountain Nature Reserve

Fanjing Mountain Nature Reserve situates in the juncture of Jiangkou, Songtao and Yinjiang counties in Tongren City, the northeastern part of Guizhou Province. It is a natural museum in the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. With an altitude of 2,572 meters, Mount Fanjing is the main summit of Wuling Mountain Ranges.
Fanjingshan Mountain Nature Reserve covers an area of 567 square kilometers and is one of the typical regions in China where the subtropical forest ecosystem is completely preserved. With an annual temperature about 5 C -7 C and the annual precipitation of 2,600 mm, Fanjing Mountain is in the alpine monsoon climate of mid sub-tropic zone. It's neither cold in the winter nor hot in summer.
Fanjing Mountain is famous for its nature beauty and has the best-preserved ecological system. There are many rare plants and precious animals. The Reserve has diversified vegetation and clearly distinguished vertical zones including temperate evergreen coniferous forests, evergreen broad-leaved forests, evergreen deciduous broad-leaved mixed forests, deciduous broad-leaved forests, and coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests. With the high terrain and temperature, low and short forests are formed in a certain part of the top of the mountain, such as azaleas and Chinese ilexes. One of a rare species is the dove tree. The white blossoms of the tree like the white dove, hence it got the name. Fanjing Mountain is also a paradise for wild animals. Here you can find about 304 species of mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles, and 17 protected species, including the Guizhou golden monkeys, clouded leopard, assamese macaque, tufted deer, golden pheasant, giant salamander, South China Tigers and so on. What's more, it is also a famous Buddhist mountain with many Buddhist shrines, temples and steles.
In a word, Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve is a beautiful tourist attraction with magnificent views. Especially when you climb up the top of the mountain, you will feel like standing in the vast sea of the clouds. Besides, the fresh air, clear water, beautiful flowers, green trees, cliffs, springs, hanging streams and the twitter of the birds all together composes a splendid landscape which has attracted so many people from all over the world. All in all, Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve is a place with stunning beauty that worth visiting.

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