Huaxi Park

Located at the south suburb of Guiyang city, Huaxi Park is renowned for its natural sceneries. With Huaxi River flow through, the park composes by rivers, hills, pavilions, shoals, ethnic villages, picturesque waterfalls and streams and various kinds of flowers and trees. It is an exquisite landscape on the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau painted by nature.
Inside the park, there are four hills called Unicorn Hill, Phoenix Hill, Tortoise Hill and Snake Hill, with each has its unique feature. Among them, the Unicorn Hill is the highest one and people can take panoramic view of the whole park at the top. While on the top of the Phoenix Hill, one can overlook the stone houses, stonewalls and stone village roads that crisscross the field. With various stones in peculiar shapes bordering the roads, the sceneries in the Tortoise and Snake Hill are also appealing.
There is a long narrow road with metasequoia planted in each side in the park. It is an ideal place for young lovers. With two people riding one bicycle passing along the road, it is very romantic. Another place worth to be mentioned is the One-hundred-step Bridge. Different from other bridge, this one is constituted by one hundred stones which firmly fixed in the water. In the flood season, when people walk on the bridge, it is just like that they are walking on the water surface. It is rather fantastic. Besides, the beautiful flowers, the geese on the river, the flying birds, the winding pines and cypresses are all make the park a charming place.

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