Jiaxiu Pavilion

Jiaxiu Pavilion was built in year 1598 in Ming Dynasty. It is situated on Fuyu Bridge over the Nanming River, and has long been the landmark of Guiyang city. Though it has been rebuilt many times, it has still retained its original style and features.
Jiaxiu means the very first in ancient China. This pavilion was initially built to encourage the young scholars to study hard and get the number one scholarship in the imperial examination. It is a place for the scholars to exchange ideas and learning knowledge together. So this pavilion has rich collections of authentic works of stone engravings, calligraphy works, paintings, and woodworks by ancient artists. The Jiaxiu Pavilion is a treasure house that has great value in studying the ancient culture and history.
Jiaxiu Pavilion is a 20 meters high three-storied building with a pointed top and a quadrangle eave in each floor. Green tiles, red pillars, engraved windows and white stone parapets make the tower superb and striking. At the top of the tower you can get a good view of the surrounding city scenery. Most impressive is the night scene of the Jiaxiu Pavilion. Colorfully decorated with lanterns, the pavilion is beautifully reflected in water. With the Cuiwei Garden behind, this historical and cultural relic has attracted many visitors. It is really a very good place for touring.

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