Jiudongtian Scenic Spot

Jiudongtian Scenic Spot lies in the boundary of the Nayong county and Dafang county in Guizhou province. The whole scenic spot consists two parts, one is Zongxihe River scenic section, and the other is Jiudongtian section. It covers an area of 150 square kilometers and has a total length of 23 kilometers. With an average altitude about 1274 meter and average temperature of 19C, the Jiudongtian Scenic Spot is an important national scenic area which composes of waterfalls, lakes, mountains, cliffs and caves.
The Liuchong River runs through the underground area of the cave and thus formed the Guazhong Underground River in this area. A river valley of 13 kilometers runs with sheer precipice and overhanging rocks along both of its banks covered with luxuriant wild plants. Groups of wild monkeys often gambol on the cliffs here and there making an even fantastic view. Going boating down the river, tourists may enjoy the magnificent natural beauty. In the low reaches of the river lie nine caves with underground stream through, the nine cave are like nine gigantic louvers, hence it was called Jiudongtian (Nine Cave). Each "cave mouth" is surrounded with strange karst landscape forming a unique scene of subterranean river and karst caves.
"Yidongtian (The First Cave)" is a land cave with a vast area about 3,000 square meters and an average height of 80 meters. It has magnificent view with many strange stalactites standing along the wall and the top of the cave. "Erdongtian (The Second Cave)" is built as a power plant which is known as the peculiar natural cave power plant in China. "Sandongtian (The Third Cave)" is a vast and tranquil cave. The stone cave of the left bank is rather smoothly while the right bank hanging many motley stalactites. "Sidongtian (The Fourth Cane)" is divided into many small caves. The stalactites are vivid in shape. Some are like a tower while some like a palace. It is so beautiful with brilliant and crystal appearance. "Wudongtian (The Fifth Cave)" is a natural formed hidden lake in a gourd shape. "Liudongtian (The Sixth Cave)" is a natural stone-arched bridge. The top of the cave is about 100 meters high above the water level. "Qidongtian (The Seventh Cave)" is a large cave which contain thousands of people at the same time. With about 2 or 3 meters wide but several dozens of meters' high, "Badongtian (The Eighth Cave)" likes high buildings with narrow street. "Jiudongtian (The Ninth Cave)" can be divided into three layers. The lowest part is a waterway which connected to "Badongtian". The central layer is a huge natural formed stone-arched bridge with 90 meters long and 120 meters wide. The highest layer is a big hall with more than ten thousand square meters. Numerous caves are joined and connected with each other, thus formed a solid labyrinth which is a rare scene all around the world.
Inside the cave of the Jiudongtian Scenic Spot, there are plank roads built along the cliff, so visitors can either chose tour by foot or by boat.

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