Langde Miao Ethnic Village

Guizhou province is famous for its ethnic cultures both at home and abroad. Many minority groups such as Miao, Dong, Yi, Shui, Bouyei, Yao, Gelao and some others are dwelling in Guizhou. So lots of ethnic villages are dotted here and there in Guizhou. Among them, the most famous one is the Langde Miao Ethnic Village which is reputed as the "Miao's Ethnic Village Museum".
Langde Miao Ethnic Village locates in Leishan County in Kaili, the eastern part of GuiZhou province. Being identified by dialect, dress, location and other customs, the Miao people can be divided into many groups as the Long Skirt Miao, Short Skirt Miao, Black Miao, Flowery Miao, Long Horned Miao, River Miao and Mountain Miao. The people in Langde Miao Ethnic Village all wear the long skirt, so they belong to the Long Skirt Miao.
The Langde Miao Ethnic Village has upper and lower parts. The history of this village can dates back to 14th century. At there, you can see the unique wooden house---Miao's Diaojiaolou. Covered by black tiles, the houses are all built on the hillside, with the front facing the vast space, scattering in picturesque disorder. The paths in the village were built by cobbles, including the bronze drum ground in the central village. You can also see some large kiln complexes where bricks and tiles are made by hand with water buffaloes puddling the muddy clay nearby on the road to above 2 villages. Along the river, wooden water wheels are spreading and still work there.
Minority people are always kind and hospitable; the Miao people in Langde Ethnic Village are not in the exception. People will be welcomed by the rice wine which brewed by themselves. People here have their own unique and beautiful garment. They all dress beautifully. Women wear gorgeous and complex silver jewelry, and some young ladies adorn silver horned coronal on their heads; men robe themselves in blue-black, with chuddar of the same color covered their heads.
The Miao people are all good at singing and dancing. Visitors here can taste the delicious local dishes while enjoy the Lusheng (a kind of instrument made by bamboo) pipe music and dancing performance. With the embroidery and batik-making craftsmanship, those people are really versatile too. Langde Miao Ethnic Village is a tourist attraction that teemed with ethnic culture and customs. Far away from the modern society, the village is pure and beautiful. Since it was opened to tourists in 1987, it has attracted more than 1 million visitors from both home and abroad.

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