Leigong Mountain

Lying 15 kilometers east of Kaili City, Leigong Mountain is a main peak of the Miaoling Mountain Range. With an elevation of 2189 meters, Leigong Mountain is the highest mountain of the southeast area of Guizhou province. Legend has it that Leigongshan is rumored as the place where the God of Thunder (means "Leigong" in Chinese) lives. Every summer, thunderstorms can be heard resounding on the mountains, hence it got the name "Leigong Mountain".
Leigong Mountain is the cradle of the main stream of the Qingshuijiang River and the Duliujiang River. Leigong Mountain is a beautiful place with flowers blooming in four seasons and birds twittering every minute. It has abundant natural vegetations and rich rain fall. Hills and mountains are decorated with lush green trees and beautiful flowers. Some fruit like Chinese Goosebeery, waxberry, chestnut and others can be found here. Besides the ornamental plants, there are also many medicinal plants. The Leigong Mountain has more than 2,000 life-form species totally. A large number of rare animals like black bear, pangolin, giant salamander, macaque and Jiaoguai (which is only found in Leigong Mountain) are wandering among the virgin forest. Under such circumstances, one may feel that he or she is really returning to nature.
Besides the natural sceneries, Leigong Mounain also has some historical relics. "Chacha House" is the ancient Miao-style house that well preserved in Leigong Mountain. Leigong Mountain was also the last battlefield for the minority Miao people resisting against the Qing government. The leader of the uprising Zhang Xiumei and Yang Daliu were lost the bell and captured here. Today, we can still find some sites like the platform for name a person, the sentry and the tomb where buried ten thousand people.
There are many minorities live in Leigong Mountain and the nearby area and most of them are Miao people. Visitors can find many Miao villages around. While touring in Leigong Mountian, tourists also have a chance to have fun with the minority people and enjoy the ethnic culture and custom.

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