Liuguanghe Canyon

Liuganghe Canyon lies in Xiuwen County, Guizhou Province. It's a canyon along Wujiang River with a length of more than 20 kilometres. At the wide point, you can see a vast expanse of misty, rolling waters, while at the narrow point, just a strip of sky overhead.
The beautiful scenic spot is featured with cliffs, hanging waterfalls, verdant trees and many wild animals as the monkeys and egrets. There are as many as 40 scenic attractions inside the canyon including the Baima Valley, Houchou Valley, Feilong Valley, Chibi Valley, Xiangbi Valley, Jianpi Valley and Haima Valley. Being surrounded by the clear water and the lush green mountain, each of them has its own charming sights.
The canyon is also full of historical relics and culture sites. The place Wang Yangming visited which locates at the old Liuguang Ferry Crossing and Fudong Temple on the cliff with a history of over 400 years show the details of cultural inheritance.

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