Malinghe River Canyon Scenic Zone

Situated in the northeast of Xingyi County Qianxinan District, the Malinghe River Canyon Scenic Zone is famous for the charming sights along the canyon. Malinghe River is also called Qinshuihe River and Mabeihe River.
There are many scenic spots in this scenic zone, such as the Colorful Cliff Valley, the Godsend Grotto, the Rainbow Locking Heaven, the Winding Peak Cliff, the Five Li Deep Valley, the Waterfall Group, the Art Hangings Cliff, the Dragon's Head Islet and others. Various karst caves can be found in the cliffs and the mountains along the canyon. 18 beaches, 20 bends, 30 ponds and more than 60 waterfalls have placed in the valley. The whole valley presents a magnificent view, with cliffs on both sides of the valley facing each other, clear-blue water gushing on and a string of sky overhead. The valley is renowned for its bizarre-shaped rocks and the impressive cascades along the river. On both sides of the valley subtropical plants and tree-size cacti grow. There are waterfalls pouring down here and there. One can hear the water roaring in a long distance.
Malinghe River Canyon has an 11-kilometer long watercourse full of rapids and cliffs. It was the hosting place that held successfully The First International Drift-down Championship in 1997. It will surely be an exciting adventure tour to drift-down the river on a rubber boat while enjoy the beautiful valley scenes at the same time.


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