Qianling Park

Qianling Park is located in the northwest of the Guiyang City. It named after Mount Qianling which has awarded the title of "First Mountain in South Guizhou". Incorporated with mountains, lake, zoo, pavillons, limpid springs, beautiful flowers, old trees, rare medical herbs and picturesque stones, the park is a wonderful tourist spot.
Qianling Park has many different views that will cater for all the visitors. Oceanarium, Qianling Zoo, Hongfu Temple, Kylin Cave and Qianling Lake are all among your choice.
The oceanarium is located at the left side of Qianling Park. It is very close to the gate. People can watch the dolphin show and other interesting performance here. Go ahead the road, people will see the Kylin Cave and the Qianling Zoo. A cave and several wooden houses around the cave compose the Kylin Cave. The cave is full of various kinds of stalactites. Among them is a huge one weighed down like a kylin (a fabled propitious animal in ancient China), thus the cave got it present name. The houses outside the cave were used to enjail the famous patriotic generals Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng during the Anti-Japanese War. And today it becomes a small exhibition hall showing the pictures and the life of the two generals for reminding the Chinese not to forget the sad history and cherish the present happy life. In the Qianling Zoo, there are lots of animals, such as the tiger, lion, camel, bear, peacock, pheasant, monkey and so forth. Work along the road and climb up the Qianling Mountain, people will enjoy the beautiful sceneries and finally get to the highest point where stands the Hongfu Temple. Hongfu Temple is known as the largest Buddhist Monastery in Guizhou. It was first founded in 1672. Over the past hundreds of years, the temple has rebuilt and enlarged many times, and gradually becomes the present scale. The whole temple was in typical Buddhist architecture style. It includes many halls like the Daxiongbaodian Hall, the Kwan-yin Hall and the Sutra Collection Pavillion. The temple complex are magnificent and well laid out. Embraced by verdant trees, pervaded by incense smoke and filled with bell ringing, these meticulous layout temples seem mysterious and solemn to the tourists. Go down the mountain at the other side, you can see many monkeys like macaques roaming free. They jump from one tree to another and are not afraid of visitors. Some lovely monkeys may shell the peanut and orange and play with the visitors. It is very interesting. At the foot of the other side of the mountain is the Qianling Lake which is an artificial lake with clearer water and a solid dam. A crystalline surface mirrors the green and gentle willows and the surrounding pavilions that are ornately decorated and finely built. On its western bank stands a memorial for the martyrs who died during the war of liberation of Guizhou Province. In 1999, the Guiyang municipal government rebuilt it, changing the parapet into one of white marble, and beautifying the surrounding environment. Every Tomb-Sweeping Day, thousands of people go there to worship the eternal heroes.
In a word, Qianling Park is a place with stunning beauty that worth visiting.

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