Tianhetan Pool

Located at the southeast of Guiyang suburbs, Tianhetan Pool is a newly developed typical karst scenic spot.
Composed of waterfalls, cliffs, karst caves, springs and stone bridges, the Tianhetan Pool is considered a fairyland of natural sceneries. The waterwheels, watermills and the water-powered rollers also add idyllic atmosphere to this spot. Thus make the place more attractive to visitors.
After pass the Yanlingmen (a stone gate), visitors can get to the Tianhetan Pool directly. It is a large pool with crystal clear water, hanging cliffs and caves placed in one side. There are two caves, one is a land cave and the other is a cave with underground water. In side the cave are the picturesque views of stalactites and stalagmites. Tourists can visit it by boat.
Wolong sandbar is 500 meters downstream from Tianhetan pool. When the water flows over the travertine sandbar; it turns into a 210-metre-wide splendid Tianhetan Waterfall. The limestone cave at the foot of the waterfall, concealed behind the water-screen, decorated the magnificent waterfall an even more fascinating perspective.
What's more, cable cars are provided as the visitors' convenience. It can lead people to the ethnic villages like the Miao and Buyi village to enjoy the delicious local food and experience a totally different life.


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