Wuyang River Scenic Spot

The Wuyang River Scenic Spot lies within Zhenyuan, Shiping and Huangping County in Kaili City, the eastern part of Guizhou Province. With Mount Yuntai in the upper reaches and Zhenyuan Ancient Town in the lower reaches, the Wuyang River Scenic Spot is a fairyland for visitors.
It possessed many famous tourist spots such as the Wuyang Three Gorges including the Dragon King Gorge, the West Gorge and the East Gorge, Mount Yuntai, Tiexi stream, Flying Cloud Cliff, China Fir River and so on. Mount Yuntai composes of ridges and peaks with great relief to from a magnificent karst landscape and many of the ancient temples, historic ruins and stone sculptures among the mountains will surely appeal your attention. A tributary of the Wuyang River is the Tiexi Stream where the rich natural vegetation covers both of its banks and the unusual cliffs and stones stand aloft along its valley. The Xixia Waterfall, Pearl Cave, the Three Levels Waterfall, Yuhu Deep Pool, Zhuge Cave and other natural beauties together formed the significant water land.

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