Xianghuoan Valley

Xianghuoyan Valley is located in Kaiyang county, Guizhou province. It is 60 kilometers away from Guiyang city. The valley is a beautiful scenic spot featured by peculiar mountains and magnificent waterfalls. It covers an area of 35 square kilometers and a total length about 12 kilometers.
In this scenic spot, layers of ridges and peaks, peculiar stones, flying waterfalls and flowing streams form a magnificent view. The canyon is composed of three stages of open valleys and two stages of shaded valleys, which are divided into 7 small scenic zones such as Guangming River, Ying Cave, Xianghuoyan Waterfalls and Xianghuoyan Peak. Of all the scenic zones, Xianghuoyan Waterfall cluster is the most splendid and charming part. With the water flowing down in five stages, the total fall is more than 60 meters. In a cliff of one side of the waterfall, there is a red square hollow rock circle which looks like a shrine with burning incense (means "Xianghuo" in Chinese), thus it was named Xianghuo Valley. The beautiful natural sceneries are appeal to visitors. Xianghuoyan valley is a very good place for vacations.

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