Xiangzhi Valley

Xiangzhi Valley is located in Wudang District, northeast of Guiyang City. It is about 40 miles away from Guiyang downtown area.
Xiangzhi literally means "fragrant paper". As its name suggeated, the place is famous for making the incense paper from bamboo, which is a traditional technique followed by generations of residents in the valley for hundreds of years. The valley is also famous for its ethnic culture and the beautiful natural scenery.
Here, people can see many charming natural scenes, including the falling springs, flying waterfalls, overhanging precipices and rocks, marvelous peaks, peculiar stones, clear streams, artificial plank roadway fixed into the cliff, and the dense forest along the valley. The hanging wooden irrigation ditch, rotating waterwheels, grinding stoned rollers and the old paper making workshops will also draw people's attention. In addition, while visiting the Xiangzhi Valley, you will warm welcomed by the villagers. You can taste the delicious food and local wine brewed by them while enjoy the dancing performance by the girls at the same time. You can also learn the special dustpan technique from the hospitable and versatile craftsman. When you feel tired, horses are available. It will make your trip more easier and more comfortable.

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