Xifeng Concentration Camp

Xifeng Concentration Camp was a secret prison during the Anti-Japanese War period in the rule of the Chinese Kuo Min Tang Party. Based on the old site at the Yanglangba, this concentration camp was set up as a museum in 1997 by the government and the Chinese Communist Party of Guiyang and it was also elected as the education base for patriotism at the same year.
The old site of the concentration camp in Yanglangba surrounds by verdant old trees and high mountains. The special terrain has formed many lakes and caves. The Yanglangba Cave is a natural water-eroded cave with a mouth 4.3 meters high and 15 meters wide. Inquest rooms occupy over 40 square meters in the cave. About 27 meters away is an underground pond that was once used as a water dungeon. There are altogether 34 cells in eight buildings built 30 meters to the right of the cave. Another Xuantian Cave has even larger scales. More than thousands of communists and victims were once enjailed in the camp and over 600 people were executed or tortured to death. Many of them were anti-Japanese fighters and progressive youths, including some high-ranking leaders of the Communist Party of China and the patriotic Kuomintang general Yang Hucheng and his family. From the watch over room, the inquest room and the instruments for torture displayed, we can imagine about that tragic past, it must be very bloody. So the youth of today should cherish the happy life that was replaced by the blood and life of the grand old man.
Xifeng Concentration Camp, together with Wanglongmen and Jazidong Jail are the three largest and notorious prisons in Kuo Min Tang ruling period. A visit to there can remind us about the hard times and recall the old memories.



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