Xifeng Hot Spring

Situated in the northeast of Xifeng County, Guizhou Province, Xifeng Hot Spring is a famous convalescent and tourist resort with beautiful natural sceneries.
The hot spring surrounds by mountains on whose slopes grow a profusion of pines, firs, bamboos, and other plants. At the confluence of the Heitan and Qingshui rivers, a sanatorium, a hospital, a swimming pool, and a guesthouse have been built so that visitors can take advantage of the hot springs. The hot springs gush out from 7 wells at a temperature between 53C -56C and with a flow capacity of over 1000 tons per day. The potable water contains more than ten natural elements including radon, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and so on. Thus, it has great medical curative effect on many diseases such as the chronic arthritis, the pain over the back and loins, the gastritis, the poisoning of lead, mercury and manganese and so forth. Besides, the nearby area also has many natural scenes. For instance, the Tiantai Forest, the Sweet-Sounding Stream, the White-Stone-Welling-Spring, the Grotesque-Stone Waterfall, the Buddha in Lovely Clouds, the Hongshui Ancient Grave, the Rhinoceros Horn Peak, the Godsend Bridge, etc.
For those reason, Xifeng Hot Spring attracts many patients and many tourists who can breath the fresh air and have a healthy body and mind here.

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