Yangming Cave

Yangming Cave is a limestone cave lying in a slope of Qixia Hill in Xiuwen County, Guizhou Province. It is the place to memorize a famous scholar and philosopher "Wang Yangming" who once lived here in Ming dynasty.
Wang Yangming also named Wang Shouren. He is a famous philosopher, educator and scholar in Ming dynasty. He was born in 1472 in Yuyao County, Zhejiang Province. He is also an official of the government. Being offended a eunuch in power; he was exiled to Longchang as a post house official in year 1506. At first he was very sad and indignant, but later he accepted the truth and began to learn new knowledge and give lectures in this remote but tranquil place. He found Longchang Academy of Classic Learning to spread Confucius thought by giving lectures and teaching the knowledge to the local people. He had a number of followers and was famous for his academic pursuits. Up till now, it still has a profound influence in Japan, Singapore and some other countries in East and Southeast Asia. In 1551, more than 20 years after Wang died, Zhao Jin, an imperial official assigned to Guizhou, built the Wang Yangming Temple at the school site to memorize this great scholar. Later, during the Qing Dynasty, the temple was renamed Lord Wang's Temple. The present Lord Wang's Temple was rebuilt and reconstructed for many times. Gracefully decorated in an ancient cultural style, the temple holds a courtyard with houses on each of its four sides. There are also many carved tablets and inscribed horizontal boards placed here. A sculpture image of Wang Yangming can be also found here. The Yangming Cave is the very place for those who believe Confucius thought and want to feel the intellectuality atmosphere.

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