Zhijin Cave

Zhijin Cave, situated in the northeast Zhijin County and about 152 kilometers from Guiyang downtown area, is known as the "Karst Museum" and has reputed as the "No.1 Cave in the World". It is a famous scenic spot under the state protection.
Zhijin Cave is the biggest and the most splendid cave of its kinds discovered in China so far. The cave extends about 10 kilometers. The broadest part of the cave is of 173 meters and the highest reaches 150 meters. There are more than 40 kinds of karst precipitation forms in the cave. It involves 11 scenic districts, 47 halls and shrines and more than 150 beauty spots with magnificent scale, matchless attractions and imposing manners. In the cavern there are numerous stone pillars, stalagmites, stone curtains and stone flowers, etc. with grotesque shapes, forming a natural karst museum. The unusual moonstones and the gooseneck growths in the crystalline palace are rare sights and remain a mystery to scientists.
The underground palace is a jungle of stalactites and stalagmite formation pagodas, pillars and hills. Among them the most famous one is the "Overlord Helmet". The splendid view and the picturesque stone formations in the cave have attracted many tourists from home and overseas. It is really a fairyland that worth visiting.

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