Wu Gong Temple

Wu Gong Temples (Five Officials’ Temple) is 5 kilometers southeast from the heart of the Haikou city. It was built in the Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in Guangxu period of Qing dynasty to memorize the five famous officials in Tang and Song Dynasty, namely, Mr. Li Deyu, Li Gang, Li Guang, Zhao Ding and Hu Quan, who were exiled to Hainan.
Five Officials’ Temple is a general designation of an ancient architecture complex formed by Guanjia Hall, Xuepu Hall and Dongzhai and connected with other ancient constructions including the Su Gong Temple, Fu Bo Temples, Qibai Pavilion, Dongzhuo Pavilion and so on. The Five Officials’ Temple has always been viewed as a great sight in Hainan. It takes “ The No.1 Building of Hainan” as its main body. The building is a two-storey red colored tower constructed with timbers of high quality. The main hall houses the vivid and lifelike stone statues of the five prestigious officials. On the inner pillars, there are two much praised couplets which visitors, having learnt about the background of the five officials, cannot help but admire. Additionally, a stone tablet that is carved with calligraphy inscriptions of Emperor Huizong, from the Song Dynasty, is also displayed inside the temple.
Xuepu Hall and Wu Gong Jing She are located in the right of the Wu Gong Temples. Xuepu Hall was once the site for the famous scholar Guo Wanxiang who came from Zhejiang giving lectures. Wu Gong Jing She is the place where the Hainan students learned historical works and poems at the late of the Qing dynasty.
Su Gong Temple is adjacent to the Five Officials’ Temple. At the very beginning it is the location of the Jinsu Nunnery. In Ming dynasty, the locals built the temple to commemorate the great poet Su Shi (Su Dongpo) and his brother Su Zhe. Hence, the temple is also called Er Gong Temple (Er Gong Ci). The temple has also displayed more than 30 stone inscriptions of Su Dongpo’s poems. At the left of the Wu Gong Temple, we can still see two fountains that excavated by Su Dongpo.
Five Officials’ Temple (Wu Gong Temples) is definitely a very good place for people to learn about history and enjoy the beautiful environment.


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