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Fei Lai Feng

Fei Lai Feng means "The Peak That Flew Here". it stands next to Ling Yin Temple with 209 meters high. A legend says that an Indian monk named Huili thought that the peak had flown to Hangzhou from Indian because the shape, although unique in China, was common in India. So the name was made and passed down to the present day.

Fei Lai Feng is a pure limestone mountain that is totally different from that of surrounding mountain groups. on the peak of which there are many grotesque stones in the shapes of flying dragon, crouching tiger, walking elephant and fleeing monkey.

The colour of the stones is also queer, green touched with purple. On the other side, a pavilion named Cui Wei was erected to immortalize the national hero Yue Fei, who contributed greatly in the war against Jin Tribe during the South Song Dynasty.

The peak is covered with about 330 Buddhist carvings dating from the 10th to the 14th centuries. The biggest Buddha image is the Laughing Buddha, With exposed breast and belly, it sits on cliff along the brook. His big belly is where the Buddha keeps all of troubles in the world.

In 1993, a new site by the name of "China Grotto Art Garden" was set up around the Fei Lai. It has become a must-see in Hangzhou.

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