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National Tea Museum

National Tea Museum, with a space of 3,100 square meters, is located among the tea gardens around the Dragon Well between Wulao Peak and Jiqing Hill. It was first built in 1987 and opened to public in April 1991. This museum is the only state-level museum specialized in the theme of tea culture.

National Tea Museum is composed of four groups of structures built in the typical style of a tea plantation south of the Yangtze River. It is the largest museum in China with the most comprehensive collection of tea utensils and exhibits on view.
The museum is made up of five themed buildings: exhibition, tea drinking, tea performance, multiple functions, and international exchanges.

The exhibition building includes six show halls: history, culture, tea affairs, tea friendship, tea utensils, and tea rituals. This building is the main body of the museum.
The tea drinking and performance sections are two perfect locations for performances of the tea drinking rituals seen in different provinces and foreign countries. Visitors can not only appreciate but also take part in the tea-drinking ceremony.

The function buildings hold international seminars and exchanges on any sort of tea culture. Tea professionals and aficionados come to Hangzhou city every year from all over the world for the "West Lake International Tea Festival".

National Tea Museum offers the chance and space for international research and exchange about tea and tea culture. It also serves as a backdrop for a variety of performance and exchange programs associated with tea.


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