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Four Seasons in Mt. Huangshan

Each of the four seasons on Mt. Huangshan has their respective beauty but even this can vary from day to day thanks to variations in the weather, light and shade as clouds pass overhead and even around you at the higher reaches. If one want to feel the beauty of the real Huangshan Mountain, then it is better for them to choose different seasons of the year to tour the whole mountain around.

Mt. Huangshan in spring is like a maiden - all is new, fresh and tender. Spring comes in April but its onset is delayed by three days for every 100 meters as you climb the mountain. Therefore, when wild flowers are brilliant and seedlings are shooting up at its foot, the plants half way up the mountain will be just awakening from their winter sleep and will not exhibit their beauty until a week later. The sound of birdsong is most pleasant in this quietness while you will be enchanted by the color changes as you climb your way up. Spring is probably the most propitious season for visiting Mt. Huangshan and is certainly the best time to view the many waterfalls due to the abundant precipitation.

While in summer, weather in Huangshan is cool and comfort, which makes it an ideal place for summer retreat. It presents you a cool world with pine shades everywhere. After a rain, the dashing waterfalls on the cliffs contrasting the crystal-clear water in the mountain stream form unique waterscape sceneries. Sometimes visitors could see the beautiful rainbow stretch across two peaks. What's more, on a summer dawn, it is the best time to watch the sunrise with extremely clear sky.

The fall scenery at Mt. Huangshan shows you a magnificent landscape with clear sky and cool air. The red maple-leaves, yellow chrysanthemum on the slopes of the peaks and the prosperous green vegetation form a colorful Chinese painting of landscape. Having enjoyed the fall scenery of Mt. Huangshan, you will really begin to believe that the scenery on Chinese paintings indeed exists on the earth.

Winter in Huangshan Mountain takes a long time, which lasts from November to March of the following year. The winter view in Huangshan is especially beautiful after snow since visitors could see the grand view of the ice bloom. The snow and mist constantly kiss the pines, the branches of which are enveloped with the rime or snow most of the season. If you have a Huangshan tour during winter, you will feel that you have stepped into a pure fairyland.


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