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Four Wonders of Mt. Huangshan

Picturesque Pines
Huangshan Pine is an anamorphosis of Chinese pine due to the unique geographical location and climate of Mt. Huangshan. It is commonly growing upward an altitude over 800 meters, usually 1,500-1,700 meters at the north slope and 1,000-1,600 meters at the south slope of the Huangshan Mountain.
Huangshan pines are seen in every corner of Mt. Huangshan. You will be amazed by their vitality and strength. The seeds fall into the crevices where they take root and grow with great vigor. The uneven terrain prevents the pines from growing upright. Instead they become crooked and even downward. Another feature of Huangshan pines is that many trees grow branches on one side only. The pines grow very slowly due to the poor soil and climatic conditions. A tree less than 3 meters (9.84feet) high may have grown for over one hundred years or even several hundred years. The root of a pine is several times or several dozens times longer than the trunk, therefore Huangshan pines stand firmly with dignity, withstanding wind and rain.
Mt. Huangshan has numerous pines with each has its own pretty and elegant style. Hundreds of thousands Huangshan Pines have their own name. However, there are ten outstanding ones that you cannot be missed. That are the Guest-Greeting Pine in front of the stone lion of the Jade Screen Pavilion in the Jade Screen Scenic Area, Guest-Goodbye Pine (to the right of the Jade Screen Pavilion), Cushion Pine at Lotus Valley, Phoenix Pine at the Sky Sea, Chessboard Pine at Pingtian Stone Bridge, Kylin Pine between Bei Hai Hotel and the Refreshing Terrace, Jieyin Pine at the Beginning-to-Believe Peak, Shouting and Dancing Pine, Black Tiger Pine and Sea Exploring Pine.

Peculiar Stones
Peculiar Stones, as one of the four wonders of Mt. Huangshan, are famous for their odd shapes. Most of them were formed in the fourth period of the Ice Age one million years ago. Spectacular rocky peaks will inspire your imagination. Some look like human beings, birds or animals or many other objects. Something that makes the stones even more fascinating is that they assume varied shapes when seen from different angles. For instance, a big stone in Celestial Capital is like a rooster spreading the wings while seeing from the Half Mountain Temple, so it is called "Golden Rooster Shouting at the Heavenly Gate". However, climbing the Dragon Tortuousing Slope, turning one's head and viewing the stone again, one could find the rooster has turned into five old men who wearing long gown supported each other with hand. So it also famed as the name "Five Old Men Go Up To Celestial Capital". Huangshan Mountain has numerous peculiar stones. It is said that there are more than 1,200 stones have their own names. Picturesque pines and peculiar stones which can be found everywhere in Huangshan Mountain have reflected with each other and formed a charming landscape. Most of the stones including the Pen Flower, Old Monks Picking the Medicinal Herbs, Celestial Basking Shoe and the Celestial Basking Boot are formed by 30 percent image and 70 percent imagination. Together with beautiful and fantastic legend, the hard and cold stone has become a vigorous life.

Sea of Clouds
Mt. Huangshan is home to clouds and mists. The Sea of Clouds has a fairy tale beauty. Winter is the best season for this spectacle. According to their locations, the seas of clouds are divided into East Sea, South Sea, West Sea, North Sea and Sky Sea. If you climb up the Lotus Peak, the Celestial Capital Peak and the Brightness Peak, you will find yourself above the level of the clouds and they appear as a sea beneath you. It is true that a sea of clouds can be seen in many high mountains but that of Mt. Huangshan is unique with its oddly shaped rocks and ancient pines. Peaks, large and small, hide and reappear in the boundless waves of clouds. The Celestial Capital Peak and the Brightness Peak appear as isolated islands within this white sea.
All the colors seem more vivid in the sunshine. The clouds are forever changing, from being like a mirror when all is calm to rolling waves when the wind is strong. At sunrise or sunset, the glistening clouds assume every hue from red to purple. You cannot help marveling at this gift from the Creator! You will be struck by the beauty when all the red leaves are floating on the white clouds in autumn, when the clouds gush between the peaks like a raging river while the red leaves flutter delicately in the breeze.
Go to the Jade Screen Pavilion to view the South Sea, the Cool and Clear Terrace for the North Sea, the Paiyun Tower for the West Sea, the White Goose Ridge for the East Sea and the Legendary Turtle Peak for the Sky Sea are very good choice for visitors. Due to the unique terrain of the Mt. Huangshan, sometimes the West Sea is covering by the clouds, while the White Goose Ridge is dimly discernible by the mist and the North Sea has a clear sky at the same time. It is really a spectacular view and in order to viewing the beautiful sights of the sea of clouds, visitors rushing about here and there, this is the so-called "Catching up with the Sea (Gan Hai)". And I am quite certain that people will get lots of fun in that process.

Hot Springs
To be able to refresh yourself in the hot springs on Mt. Huangshan must be one of the best ways of enjoyment and relaxation. Running out of the Purple Peak of 850 meters (2, 789 feet), the hot spring in Mt. Huangshan is the first stop following the entrance. Legend has it that Huang Di, the ancestor of the Chinese nation, bathed here 49 days before he ascended to heaven and became immortal.
Everyday, about 400 tons of water are spewing out from the Purple Cloud Peak. The water flowing out all the year round even in the driest time. And the temperature of the hot springs is keeping in 42 C or so. It belongs to the high mountain hot spring. Huangshan hot spring has very good curative effects for many diseases about digest, nerve, and metastasis system, and especially good for the skin disease. Bathing in the hot spring bathroom and swimming in the hot spring swimming pool are very good choice for visitors to experience one of the four wonders of the Huangshan Mountain.


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