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Beijing to Ulanbator
K23 trainTrain Number: 023 in Mongolia, K23 in China
Distance: 1553 Kilometers
Duration: 26 hours and 58 minute
Departure Date:
Tuesday (served by China railway)
Saturday(served by Mongolia railway)

Beijjing: 11:22(departure)
Jining South 16:56(arrival)-17:08(departure)
Erlianhot: 21:48(arrival)-00:59+1(departure)
Dzamyn Ude: 01:25(arrival)-02:40(departure)
Ulanbator: 14:30(arrival)


Photoes of the train:
corridor of k23 train deluxe soft sleep of k23 train soft sleeper of k23 train hard sleeper of k23 train


Deluxe Soft Sleeper: 300 USD/ticket
Soft Sleeper: 275 USD/ticket
Hard Sleeper: 195 USD/ticket

Handling fee: 12 USD/ticket. (exclude ticket delivery and payment handling fee charged by bank)

There are 2 soft sleepers in one deluxe soft sleepers cabin, bathroom and shower are available. The door can be closed from inside.
There are 4 soft sleepers in one soft sleepers cabin, no bathroom. The door can be closed from inside.
There are 4 hard sleepers in one hard sleepers cabin, no bathroom. The door can be closed from inside.

To reserve train tickets

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The train tickets needs to be prepaid in advance.
Payment method:
Paypal, credit card, Western Union, Bank account transfer

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