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Beijing to Hanoi
Z5 trainTrain Number: Z5/Z6 in China, T8701/8702 from Nangning to DongDang, MR1/MR2 from DongDang to Gia Lam Station
Distance: 2804 Kilometers
Duration: 37 hours and 19 minute
Departure Date: Every Thursday and Sunday

Beijjing West Station: 16:09(departure)
Shijiazhuang: 18:31(arrival)-18:34(departure)
Zhenzhou: 21:55(arrival)-22:01(departure)
Wuchang: 02:34+1(arrival)-02:40(departure)
Changsha: 05:53(arrival)-05:59(departure)
Hengyang: 07:49(arrival)-08:00(departure)
Yongzhou: 09:23(arrival)-09:29(departure)
Guilin: 11:23(arrival)-11:30(departure)
Liuzhou: 13:12(arrival)-13:20(departure)
Nanning East: 15:10(arrival)-15:22(departure)
Nanning: 15:35(arrival)-18:10(departure)
Chongzuo: 20:04(arrival)-20:10(departure)
Pingxiang: 22:01(arrival)-23:41(departure)
DongDang: 0:22+1(arrival)-1:22(departure)
Bac Giang: 4:40(arrival)-4:43(departure)
Hanoi(Gia Lam): 5:45(arrival)


Soft Sleeper: 318 USD/ticket
Handling fee: 12 USD/ticket. (exclude ticket delivery and payment handling fee charged by bank)

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